C. Debussy - Prelude No. 2 [Piano Book 2] (for Small Orchestra)

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Prelude No. 2
(for Small Orchestra)

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Prelude No. 2


Claude Debussy was known for his use of bitonality, whole-tone and pentatonic scales, and parallel chords. He established a new concept of tonality in European music. Much of his harmonic vocabulary favors dissonance without any formal resolution. "Prelude No. 2" is from his 2nd book of piano preludes and is arranged & orchestrated for small orchestra by Jerome Laszloffy.

The work truly embodies all of Debussy's compositional traits and can be considered an impressionistic work. In the final measures of the piano score the words "dead leaves" are inscribed - giving the work its nickname.

The instrumentation/parts distribution is as follows: 1-Flute 1, 1-Flute 2, 1-Oboe 1, 1-Oboe 2, 1-Bb Clarinet 1,
1-Bb Clarinet 2, 1-Bassoon 1, 1-Bassoon 2, 1-French Horn in F 1, 1-French Horn in F 2, 4-Violins 1, 4-Violins 2,
5-Violas, 3-Violoncelli 1, 3-Violoncelli 2, 4-Contrabasses.

"Prelude No. 2" [Book 2] (for Small Orchestra) is a GRADE 4 work. The duration is approximately 3:00.

The set contains 33 full-sized parts for performers and a bound, transposed conductor's score.   Available only through this website from Sound Studio Publications.

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