Pivot Points (French Horn Solo with Piano)

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Pivot Points
(French Horn Solo with Piano)

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"Pivot Points" was composed by Marilyn Harris in October of 1986.

With its sweeping open-horn melodies, plaintive muted lines and pulsating piano underpinning, "Pivot Points" is an extremely enjoyable romp for the horn player, pianist and listener alike!!! After an introductory section marked by hand-stopped horn lines played over a sequence of repeating piano tonalities, the rhythmic pulse kicks in and never stops as the horn player negotiates broad sweeping lines, jazz falls, and intricate rhythms and intervals. Interesting piano interludes provide plenty for the pianist to do besides keep the pulse. An optional 8va passage at the end provides an opportunity for the horn player to "bring the house down!!!"

"Pivot Points" is a great study in tone, range, style and technique and would make a wonderful recital "encore" selection, as the excitement builds all the way to the end! The duration is approximately 5 minutes.

A solo French horn part and piano score are included. "Pivot Points" is a GRADE 4 composition and is available only through this website from Sound Studio Publications.

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