Interludes (for Percussion & Trumpet)

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(for Percussion & Trumpet)

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"Interludes for Percussion & Trumpet" was composed for Percussionist Michael Englander and Trumpeter
G. Burnette Dillon and premiered at the 1985 Percussive Arts Society national convention in Los Angeles. It features four contrasting movements:

The opening phrases of "March" have a fanfare-like quality while retaining an angular structure to the melody. The crisp snare drum passages and dramatic interval leaps in the trumpet set a tone of tension while retaining a sense of order. After a slower contrasting section featuring vibraphone and trumpet in mute, the movement reprises its dramatic opening and finishes with one last fanfare and a snare drum flourish.

"Elegy" has a wistful quality and uses chordal and orchestrational elements from the jazz lexicon. The vibraphone accompanies a plaintive flugelhorn on a melody which is both reflective and hopeful. The mixture of the elements paints an homage to a bygone era, and the movement ends with a wistful phrase, the sound of rushing air and a delicate wind chime blowing in the breeze of history.

"Prayer" combines the muted trumpet's lyricism with the vibraphone's consistent pulse and constantly evolving tonalities. It is both a hopeful statement of thanks for the present and a plea for a better future. The use of fourth and fifth structures colors both melody and chordal accompaniment. The broad tessitura of the trumpet adds an emotional sweep to the movement, which ends quietly in supplication.

Many tempo and timbre changes highlight "Finale" which is the most technically challenging portion of the work and draws motivic inspiration from the preceding three movements. The opening trumpet statement is the thematic genus that evolves throughout the movement. The trumpet goes quickly in and out of mute as the varied percussion instruments seamlessly change between one another. A rapid tempo increase lifts the work towards a stirring conclusion which features a slap-mallet ostinato, frantic tom-tom interjections and motivic recapitulation of both the movement and the entire work. Like the first movement, "Finale" ends with a fanfare and a flourish.

Written to be equally challenging to both percussionist and trumpeter, "Interludes" employs the use of multiple mallets, quick stick changes and multiple-instrument percussion set-ups, technical and lyrical challenges for both players, and stylistic and emotional contrasts that have made it a recital favorite for many years - satisfying to both performers and listeners alike. It has been recorded on Equilibrium Records by trumpeter Stephen Dunn and percussionist John Pennington and was featured in a 2004 Chicago Symphony chamber music concert. The duration is approximately 10 minutes.

Percussion setup chart with performance notes, 2 Performance Scores & heavy-duty folder included. "Interludes for Percussion & Trumpet" is a GRADE 5 composition and is available only through this website from Sound Studio Publications.

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