Lamentation & Dance (for 'Cello Solo with Piano)

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Excerpts from:
Lamentation & Dance
(for 'Cello Solo with Piano)

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1) Lamentation

2) Dance

3) Ending

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"Lamentation & Dance" was composed by Mark Wolfram in April of 1998 for the confirmation of his godson, Paul, a student 'cellist.

Following a short piano introduction, the 'cello enters with the plaintive "Lamentation" melody which is offset by carillon-type chords in the piano. After a repeat of the melody and a short cadence, a buoyant, waltz-type "Dance" section with melodic ornamentation and unexpected tonalities plays twice on its way to a reprise of the "Lamentation" section. The piece is capped off with an introspective and melancholy coda. As the 'cello sustains its final tone a final carillon statement is delivered by the piano.

"Lamentation & Dance" is a GRADE 3 composition and makes a wonderful student recital piece, with its satisfying structural elements and unexpected harmonic twists. The duration is approximately 4 minutes.

A solo 'cello part and piano score are included. Available only through this website from Sound Studio Publications.

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